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  • Formations d'été/ Summer school

    Les cours d'été peuvent être un excellent moyen de:
    • vous aider à décider quels sujets vous intéressent vraiment.
    • acquérir une expérience des études de premier cycle (pour les programmes universitaires).
    • acquérir de l'expérience vous permettant de mettre en valeur votre profil dans les lettres de motivation.
    • développer des compétences personnelles (travail d'équipe, organisation, leadership, etc.).

    UCD Summer School: 5th year student

    DCU Summer School
    These specially chosen courses allow senior cycle students explore subjects, experience college life, and advance their studies without the pressure of grades.The courses show you what it means to be completely absorbed in the learning process at University. As part of your learning, you will do things you may only have dreamed of – understand the science of sport, hone your writing skills, map the stars, seek answers to human behaviour, examine international affairs, or analyze DNA.
    Trinity college

    IE University

    Start making plans for next summer!
    If you are interested in further developing your passion for business and economics by taking part in a life and learning experience on leading-edge subjects, you can do it right in the heart of Milan.
    Bocconi Summer School offers a selective study program, entirely taught in English, open to motivated students. It is a unique opportunity to participate in an exciting laboratory of teaching and experiential learning.
    Courses are held in innovative multimedia spaces with teaching materials and tools available to you online at any time. To keep you anchored to the real world, each course curriculum includes company visits and teamwork on real-life business cases and situations, putting to the test your problem-solving and soft skills and creativity. The courses' emphasis on work in teams will allow you to meet, socialize with and learn from carefully selected bright and dynamic young people with a lot of talent to share.
    Of course, you and your classmates will also have a great opportunity to build some memories in Milan and Italy in your free time. Whether you like the sea, the mountains, art, history – or ravioli and rap – there is a lot to learn, and not all of it in books.

    Liste des summer schools du Lycée Français de Hong-Kong