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  • mercredi 29 mai 2013

    Cours de Yoga en ligne

    Desk Yoga
    Course Dates
    May 27th - June 2nd
    July 1st - July 7th
    Sept 2nd - Sept 8th
    Nov 4th - Nov 10th

    This is a 1 week course with an additional 2 weeks practice and reflection with your tutor.

    Course Fee
    INR 2700

    Name and brief bio of the instructor
    Misa Derhy - Misa Derhy is a yoga teacher now residing in Dublin following 4 years in India. She came across yoga for first time when she was 10 years old in former Czechoslovakia where she was born but she really started with her deeper studies of yoga in India in 2007. She and her family have lived in 10 different countries during the last 20 years.